• Wells Concrete

    "The WWERA process was simple, I took a few minutes to gather up statements for our locations and gave them to WWERA for review. They followed up a few days later and said we were eligible for a refund. Anytime I can reduce costs for our company I'm all for it. It didn't take long for me to receive the refund. I would encourage any company eligible for this service to take advantage of it. Especially other manufacturers. We are glad we did."

    -John, Controller, Wells Concrete

    B & D Rollers

    "I strongly recommend you take advantage of the services offered by WWERA. I'm very glad I did!


    We've never heard of this type of service before. When I received our savings, I was very surprised to see how much it was. I strongly encourage companies that qualify to take advantage of their programs. To me, it was well worth the chance!"

    -Danny, President, B & D Rollers of MN Inc.

    Northfield Retirement Community

    “I was introduced to WWERA by someone who is a good friend and someone I trust. In one meeting with very minimal time spent on our end, their experts were able to find us more than 14K in savings very quickly and the savings continues. The value they have brought to our organization is unsurpassed and they’re already working on other solutions that can impact our financial performance.”

    -Kyle, President and CEO, LHCV, HSE, CSA

  • Coborn's Inc.

    “It was hard to believe that there could be errors in our billings as we feel we track these very closely. To my surprise, we have received very sizable savings and will see future savings as well.


    I would highly recommend WWERA as they are very pleasant to work with. We are thankful they reached out to us.”

    -Mike, Fuel & Car Wash Maintenance Supervisor, Coborn's Inc.

    Falk Paper Company

    “We are the Midwest’s oldest paper and packaging company. World Wide ERA has saved us thousands on our credit card fees over the years through the NETWORK Distribution Associate Supplier Program and we also received a utility refund in excess of $13,000+ from another WWERA solution a few years back.


    World Wide ERA has always been easy to work with and I would definitely recommend them to others looking to improve their bottom line!”

    -Anna Margl, President, Falk Paper

    VSTAR Entertainment Group

    “I approached WWERA because Dan had saved my previous company tens of thousands in expenses. To my surprise, WWERA did it again and much much more. Of course the savings is great but I’ve always been impressed with the smooth transition and their accessibility when questions arise which makes my job a lot easier. Bottom line, WWERA will more than likely reduce your expenses somewhere if you give them the opportunity and I would highly recommend taking a few minutes to see what they might be able to do for you!”

    -Mark, VP of Finance, VSTAR Entertainment Group

  • Nicollet Public Schools

    “When I was contacted by WWERA about reducing utility costs I was very skeptical but I’m glad I took the time to meet with them.


    After giving them a few minutes of my time and providing them with recent statements they were able to recover thousands of $$$ on our utility bills. As a small public school this is a significant amount of positive cash flow for us and every little bit counts.


    If you are looking for ways to cut costs and become more efficient, I highly recommend giving WWERA a call.”
    -Barry, Building Operations, Nicollet Public Schools

    Arrow Ace Hardware

    11 locations

    “Working with WWERA has been a smart business decision. Their team of industry experts have found my company tens of thousands in annual savings on two different occasions. I have no hesitation in recommending WWERA as they have been an asset to my company and have improved my bottom line.“

    -Dave, Owner, Arrow Ace Hardware

  • Minnesota Nursery and Landscaping Association

    "WWERA has saved the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association and several of our members thousands of dollars on credit card transactions as well as other expense areas. They reviewed our current merchant service rates and professionally negotiated on our behalf. After reviewing and discussing our options, we were able to save thousands annually. Their EASY GO transition makes the process simple and quick. They thoroughly explained the process and we felt very comfortable with having them represent us. I would definitely recommend WWERA to anyone!"

    -Mary, Membership Director, MNLA

  • Buffalo Wild Wings

    "WWERA saved us thousands annually. From start to finish they're very professional and overall we are very pleased with the process and the initial and on-going service. I highly recommend WWERA and I’m confident you will be satisfied with them."
    -Joe, Owner, Buffalo Wild Wings/ 2 locations

  • Dahlgreen Golf Club

    "If you were to look up the definition for Customer Service, you'd see a picture of WWERA. They pay attention to their customers and get them what they need."

    -Dave, Owner, Dahlgreen Golf Club

  • Frattallone's Hardware

    "WWERA was referred to me by a good friend. They would call me and I sort of blew them off for a few months. Finally, I relented and sent them my statements. Five days later, I was informed I would save $39,000! I wanted to kick myself in the butt for waiting so long. Just give them your statements and see what they can do for you. Worst case they confirm that you have an awesome rate!"

    -Michael, Owner, Frattallone's Hardware, 22 Locations

  • Transforming Chiropractic

    "I've worked with Dan on several projects. He always brings creative solutions to the table with a passion for efficient results and great value. If you run a business, let Dan take a look at your numbers. He'll probably be able to save you money somewhere!"
    -Chris, Owner, Transforming Chiropractic

    Southwest Eye Care

    "Dan came and evaluated our credit card services as well as our phone lines and was able to save us a bunch of money every month!!! Thanks Dan!"
    -Chris, Owner, Southwest Eye Care/ 6 locations

    CFC Nexus

    "Dan delivered us cost effective credit card solutions that greatly surpassed competing quotes. Additionally, his customer service tenacity is the best we’ve encountered in a decade of business. It is reassuring to know that we have a single person to contact for all of our merchant account, processing, and gateway needs. We highly recommend Dan to other businesses looking for credit card savings"
    -John, Partner, CFC Nexus

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