• Employee Performance

    We help organizations protect their greatest asset, “The Employees!


    Areas of Impact include:

    1. Anxiety, Stress & Mood
    2. Mental & Physical Fatigue
    3. Workplace Safety
    4. Productivity
    5. Associated Annual Costs

    Our solutions are 100% effective and measurable!


    Areas of Expertise:

    1. NEUROP3 Performance - Workplace Productivity, Stress Relief, Health & Safety
    2. Preventative Care Management Program - ZERO COST Enhanced Benefit Package
    3. Digital Wallet - FREE Financial Services w/ Fast & Flexible Cash Management
    Opportunity to reduce stress with $1,000+ average savings per employee per year!

  • Option #1 NEUROP3 Performance


    5 Key Areas That Impact Employee Productivity, Health & Safety:

    1. Balance & Stability
    2. Sleep & Recovery Time
    3. Mental & Physical Fatigue
    4. Memory Recall & Reaction Time
    5. Anxiety, Stress & Mood

    Our customized "Peak Performance Plan" can provide:

    • $500 average savings per employee per year.
    • Reduced anxiety and stress.
    • Healthier and safer workplaces.
    • More alert and productive employees.
    • Improved information processing speeds.
    • Less physical and mental fatigue.
    • Happier employees, teams and better processes. 
    • Increased revenues with significant reoccurring savings potential.

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    Step 1 - Assess & Measure

    Focused on regularly measuring and assessing human performance. Results are available on demand and in real time.


    For wellness and performance programs, objective data can be incorporated into existing plans to help assess value and overall plan performance.

    Step 2 - Enhance & Improve

    Get in the zone faster. Stay in the zone longer. With increased attention and memory, Keep your head in the game while you live, work or play.


    Drug-free neuro wellness benefits for employees, athletes, organizations and teams which instantly improve productivity and recovery.

    Step 3 - Funding Options

    • Membership Funding
    • Organization Network Funding
    • WWERA Give Back Program Funding
  • Option #2 - Preventative Care Management Program

    ZERO COST Enhanced Benefit Package

    A Self-Insured Medical Reimbursement Program w/ Preventative Care Emphasis (SIMRP)

    Statistically validated program that improves the health of employees while enhancing the benefit package at no out of pocket cost for the employer or employee!


    Employer Benefits:

    • $500 average payroll savings, per participating employee per year.
    • Immediate financial impact to your bottom line with NO INVESTMENT.
    • Reduce claims costs by an average of $1,400 over a three-year period.

    Employee Benefits:

    • Opportunity to increase retirement savings, average tax savings of $1,800 per year to fund the IUL policy, with no reduction in take-home pay.
    • Robust Personal Health Dashboard for employee and their family.
    • Mayo Clinic wellness programs with 24/7 Telehealth, doctors, nurses and health counselors, co-pay free.

    The SIMRP model is based on existing IRS regulations and requirements. Available to companies of all sizes and is a health plan-related participation only plan. This means all the employee has to do is participate. They do not have to achieve a particular health or wellness goal.


    A SIMRP is an employer sponsored workplace program that provides employees the opportunity to upgrade their benefit package with a certified Preventative Care Program while reducing both the employer’s and employee’s health care costs and expenditures.


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  • Option #3 - Digital Wallet

    An Impactful Financial Wellness Tool

    Free Financial Services w/ Fast & Flexible Cash Management​

    6 Problems We Help Solve:

    1. Earned Wage Access for All Employees. (Instant Pay)
    2. Cost-saving and Fair Alternative to Pay Cards.
    3. Automated Payouts - Tips, Miles, Last Day/Last Pay, etc.
    4. Reduce & Future-proof Payroll Administration. (Paper Checks)
    5. Attracting Quality Employees in the Essential Workforce.
    6. Offer Financially-Inclusive Wellness.


    Employer Benefits include:

    • $250 average savings per employee per year.
    • Boost retention and increase applications, reducing costs.
    • Reduce the impact of financial stress on job performance.

    • Increase shift coverage + attendance.

    • No need to pre-fund payroll.

    • MINIMAL time required as setup process and implementation can take minutes. while integrating with current time and attendance system.
    • Partnered with leading Payroll providers to ensure a seamless experience for any integrations.
    • Target, Walmart, LifeTime, McDonald’s, Domino's, Unilever, Comcast and Lowe’s are already taking advantage of this proprietary program.
    Employee Benefits include:
    • $500 annual per employee savings. (Overdraft, loan, bankcard fees)
    • Instant access to wages.

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