• Employee Performance

    We help organizations protect their greatest asset, “The Employees!”


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    Areas of Expertise:

    1. Employee Retention & Financial Wellness
    2. Preventative Care Management Program
    3. Proprietary Employee Peak Performance Plan

  • Option #1 - Employee Retention & Financial Wellness

    Same Day Employee Pay Funded by Mastercard

    Pay Employees... INSTANTLY!

    This solution helps attract and retain the needs of workers!


    Program benefits vs. the competition:

    • FREE for employers to offer and FREE for employees to access. Instant access to wages earned.
    • RISK-FREE – Built with enterprise security standards and usury law compliant.
    • Robust Budgeting Tool to help deal with financial unpredictability. #1 used module within the app helping employees with financial wellness!
    • ONLY All-in-one financial wellness solution on the market!
    • Highest ratings and reviews among all instant pay apps in the industry.

    Here are some of the companies already using Same Day Pay:

    • McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Cheesecake Factory and Pizza Hut
    • Walmart, Target, Foot Locker, Lowe’s and UPS
    • Life Time Fitness, Comcast and Marriott

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  • Option #2 - Preventative Care Management Program

    Medical Expense Reimbursement

    A Self-Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan w/ Wellness Emphasis (SIMERP™)

    Statistically validated wellness program that improves the health of employees.


    Employer Benefits:

    • Immediate financial impact to the bottom line
    • Reduced taxable revenue - $500 average payroll savings, per participating employee per year
    • Increase employee retention, loyalty and productivity
    • Reduces claims 1-2% on average or $1,400 per participant over a three year period
    • Operational, and fully automated within 30-45 days
    Employee Benefits:
    • Opportunity to increase retirement savings
    • Robust Personal Health Dashboard identifies opportunities for a healthier lifestyle
    • 24/7 Telehelth™ doctors, nurses, and health coaches, copay-free
    • Mayo Clinic wellness programs
    • Addiction recovery and counseling, copay-free
    • Supplemental insurance benefits such as Life, Hospital Indemnity, Accident, Critical Illness and AD&D
    Attentive's SIMERP wellness model is based on existing IRS regulations and requirements. Available to companies of all sizes.
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  • Option #3 - Proprietary Employee Peak Performance Plan


    Improve Employee Productivity by 10-30%


    5 Key Areas That Impact Employee Productivity, Health & Safety:

    1. Balance & Stability
    2. Sleep & Recovery Time
    3. Mental & Physical Fatigue
    4. Memory Recall & Reaction Time
    5. Anxiety, Stress & Mood
    Our "Peak Performance Plan" can provide:
    • Healthier and safer workplaces
    • More alert and productive employees
    • Improved information processing speeds
    • Less physical and mental fatigue
    • Happier employees, teams and better processes 
    • Increased revenues with significant reoccurring savings potential

    Step 1 - Assess & Measure

    RC21X/Roberto App

    Only platform focused on regularly measuring and assessing human performance. Results are available on demand and in real time.

    Step 2 - Improve

    HPT & CBT

    HPT provides a first of its kind drug-free wellness benefit for employees and organizations which instantly improves productivity and recovery. Only known wearable technology proven to enhance neurocognitive and neuromotor abilities by an average of 30-40% within seconds.


    Get in the zone faster. Stay in the zone longer. With increased attention and memory, CBT delivers a smarter way to minimize outside distractions and keep your head in the game while you live, work or play.

    Step 3 - Funding

    Leverage Funding Options

    • Membership Funding
    • Organization Network Funding
    • WWERA Funding Options
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