• Expense Management

    During our benchmarking process we help our clients reduce their costs by comparing each expense area to industry bests.


    Areas we benchmark include:

    1. ​​Utilities 
    2. Merchant Services
    3. Insurance
    4. Shipping 
    5. Waste and Recycling
    6. Accounts Receivable

    • 1. Utilities


      Do you know with 100% certainty that your utility costs are as low as they could be?



      Refunds, rate optimization, energy and water management services to help organizations save significantly.



      According to the NFIB, energy costs are one of the top three business expenses. Our Utility Refund Program consists of errors on your electric, gas, water and telephone bills. The refund period typically goes back 3-4 years so the recovery can be very, very substantial.


      Rate Optimization

      In this critical phase, we perform an in-depth energy audit of your utility costs to uncover competitive options and alternative rate classifications which could help your organization moving forward. The study will divulge all potential opportunities and include cost reduction recommendations. Once completed, we will report all energy saving solutions as well as strategies for implementation of our recommendations. No upfront fee is charged for this service.


      Energy Management

      We’ll give you strategies to gain control over your energy costs! You’ll see the savings when you schedule our no-cost energy audit and analysis of your company’s energy usage and the billing from your utility. In addition to generating monthly energy savings, we can create an attractive ROI in as little as 2 -3 years based on your needs and your custom application.




      By using a complete retro-fit solution with a mixture of timing, pressure, and patented products, we are able to conserve up to 30-40% of your annual water utility spend, increase the functionality of your existing fixtures, and eliminate waste in your facility while remaining cost effective and achieving more significant results. The solution will yield an ROI of 1-2 years on average for our clients making the investment in your facility impact your bottom line faster than other conservation options.

    • 2. Merchant Services


      If you were paying more than you should for credit card fees would you want to know?



      Class action recovery and rate optimization services to help organizations save significantly.


      Class Action Recovery

      If you or your organization accepted payment by Visa or MasterCard debit and/or credit cards from January 1, 2004 to November 28, 2012, you may be eligible for refund.




      Rate Optimization

      95% of organizations are paying more than they should for credit card fees and with over 25+ years of industry experience, we are the best at eliminating unnecessary fees and mark-up from credit card processors which save organizations thousands annually.


      Our sole mission is to put an end to unfair fees that merchants are forced to pay and keeping your current processor is always an option. After a confidential review of your most recent merchant statement, we report the hidden fees that we find to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in an attempt to regulate the processing industry. If we find that you are a significant victim, we contact your processor and put a stop to it.

    • 3. Insurance


      If we could bring you a 10-15% savings on your annual insurance costs with keeping your current broker and company as options, would you want to learn more?



      Benchmark your current Group Health, Workers Comp, Liability, Property and D&O Insurance policies helping you get the most coverage at the smallest premium and 98% of the time we can make a substantial difference.

      Our No-Risk Approach

      Our trusted advisor has been lowering business insurance premiums throughout the U.S. by as much as 74% for more than 19 years. We market and negotiate your insurance based on the coverage’s you provide to us and utilize benchmark data. We make sure we obtain as many quotes as possible allowing for the most competition on your account. The quotes must be equivalent to the rating and coverage of your current carrier or we do not consider them a viable option. You of course always make the final decision.


      We can bring our expertise to you at a very low cost. We make it a win/win. There are never any upfront fees. Our service is easy to use and most importantly it WORKS.

    • 4. Shipping


      Do you know with 100% certainty that your shipping rates are the best they can be?



      Post audit, small parcel and freight service rate optimization services to help organizations save significantly.

      Our No-Risk Approach

      Up to 3% of packages shipped with UPS and FedEx are eligible for refunds. 50+ audit points including late deliveries, invalid surcharges, correct addresses, manifested but not shipped, etc.


      We also offer a no-cost rate analysis on your small parcel and freight invoices to determine, to 1/10th of a point, how much savings is available for your company moving forward. We are carrier neutral and 100% transparent.


      All shipping services are self-funded, with zero out-of-pocket fees.

    • 5. Waste & Recycling


      Is lowering your annual Waste & Recycling cost important to your organization?



      Most organizations believe that their waste & recycling programs are cost effective as they exist. But, in reality, we are able to recover savings for more than 9 out of 10 organizations we work with and an average savings of 40%. In fact, we usually save money for clients by negotiating their existing contract with their current waste hauler.

      Our No-Risk Approach

      Make sure each of your facilities are receiving appropriate waste and recycling service while uncovering discrepancies within contracts and invoices.


      We are also able to recover savings moving forward for more than 9 out of 10 businesses that we worth with. And the average savings we recover is 40%! In fact, we usually save money for clients by renegotiating their existing contract with your current waste hauler.

    • 6. Accounts Receivable 


      Is it fair to say like other medical practices that your AR is more than you would like it to be?



      Leverage a proprietary program that can recover a higher % of uncollected $$$ and prevent this from being an issue in the future.

      Our No-Risk Approach

      Like many medical practices one of your most valuable but frustrating assets can be your accounts receivable. We will show you how literally 9 out of 10 doctors just like you have recovered tens of thousands of dollars in A/R.


      We turn old unrecovered funds into real bottom-line assets. This is money in your bank that wasn't there before and was very likely never going to be. Our trusted advisor has a proven track record of remarkable recovery.


      Our trusted advisor also offers medical billing, credentialing and coding services to maximize your profits.

    • Wouldn’t you agree it’s worth a few minutes of your time to see if there might be thousands of $$$ waiting for you?


      What we need: Initial 20 minute in person meeting or webinar with our industry expert(s) to provide a high-level overview and to start the qualification process.


      By taking the integrated approach with each expense area, we handle all the details from start to finish. It all starts with a free analysis and then we put together a custom strategy to implement the recommended savings and solutions for your organization. We work collaboratively as team through every phase to your 100% satisfaction.

      TOP INDUSTRIES INCLUDE: Manufacturing, Cities, Schools, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Property Management, Assisted/Senior Livings, Agricultural, Casinos, Hotels, Restaurants, Retail, Non-Profits and much more!

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