• Expense Management

    During our benchmarking process we help our clients reduce their costs by comparing each expense area to industry bests.


    We complete 3 simple steps with each client to help increase cash flow:

    1. Assess and measure your current services looking for overcharges and potential refunds.
    2. Identify opportunities to negotiate better rates.
    3. Introduce available saving solutions to help improve your current situation.

    Areas we benchmark include:

    1. ​​Utilities 
    2. Insurance
    3. Shipping 
    4. Corporate Tax Benefits
    5. Merchant Services
    6. Medical Insurance Accounts Receivables 
    7. Medical Supplies and Equipment
    Our experts show organizations how to spend their money smarter leading to a significant increase in cash flow for the organizations that take advantage of our services.


    Electricity, Water, Gas, Telephone, Internet, Wireless, Waste and Recycling

     Areas of Expertise include:

    • Refunds
    • Rate Optimization
    • Energy Management
    • Water Management
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    Group Health, Workers Comp, Liability, Property, D&O

    Highlights include:

    • Save 10% to 60% on insurance
    • 98% success rate
    • Keeping your current broker is always an option
    • Less than two hours of your time
    • No up-front fees
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    Average optimization and negotiation savings is 26% of overall spend

    Areas of Expertise include:

    • Small Parcel
    • Freight (LTL/FTL)
    • Rail
    • Postage
    • International
    • Air
    • Ocean
    • Container Shipping
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    Corporate Tax Benefits

    Cost Segregation Study, R&D Tax Credit & Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    Highlights include:

    • Reduce your tax liability
    • Immediate increase in cash flow through accelerated depreciation deductions
    • Reduction in both income taxes and real estate property taxes
    • Easy opportunity to claim "catch up" depreciation on previously misclassified assets
    • Engaging with a construction and structural engineering knowledge based firm which is the IRS preferred method
    • Independent third-party analysis that will withstand an IRS review
    • TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) - Provide application for the clients benefit

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    Merchant Services

    Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees

    Highlights include:

    • 95% opportunity to save  
    • Negotiate on your behalf to secure better rates and services
    • Keeping your current processor is always an option
    • 97% retention rate of our clients
    • Thousands of satisfied customers
    • No long-term contract
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    Medical Insurance A/R

    Expertise and skill set to collect your money on denied claims

    Highlights include:

    • A/R recovery is at a crisis level in the medical world
    • Our “WOW Report”  analyzes client A/R and provides a road map to recovery
    • We clean up outstanding Accounts Receivables, then keep it clean
    • This puts more money in client’s bank account
    • Our team recovered $200 million on a $360 million
      A/R Project. What could we do for you?
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    Medical Supplies and Equipment

    100% success rate of reducing medical facility expenses by over 20%

    Areas of Expertise:

    • Medical/Surgical Supplies and Equipment
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Bio-Medical Waste Disposal
    • Medical Gases
    • Surgical Implants
    Highlights Include:
    • 100% success rate of reducing medical facility expenses by 20% per recommendation 
    • Minimal time required
    • Savings based fee based of the actual, verified savings
    • $25,000 cost reduction guarantee
    • Reclaim thousands of $$$ in lost savings
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  • Wouldn’t you agree it’s worth a few minutes of your time to see if there might be thousands of $$$ waiting for you?


    What we need: Initial 20 minute in person meeting or webinar with our industry expert(s) to provide a high-level overview and to start the qualification process.


    By taking the integrated approach with each expense area, we handle all the details from start to finish. It all starts with a free analysis and then we put together a custom strategy to implement the recommended savings and solutions for your organization. We work collaboratively as team through every phase to your 100% satisfaction.

    TOP INDUSTRIES INCLUDE: Manufacturing, Cities, Schools, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Property Management, Assisted/Senior Livings, Agricultural, Casinos, Hotels, Restaurants, Retail, Non-Profits and much more!

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