• Give Back PRogram

    The WWERA "Give Back Program" is a win-win strategy helping to generate cash flow for businesses that want to make a difference in their community or the USA, while also providing unlimited funding opportunities for organizations in need.


    Whether you're a business looking to donate or sponsor a cause or a cause looking for donations or sponsorship, the WWERA "Give Back Program" is here to help your organization find the funding.


    Our available programs include:

    • Non-Profit Program
    • Booster Club/Sports Team Program
    • Veterans Program
    • Seniors Program
    • Law Enforcement Program

    Think about this:


    As a BUSINESS, how rewarding would it be to impact more lives and make a bigger difference?


    As a NON-PROFIT, how many more people could you impact if we could help you raise unlimited dollars?


    Our program helps you reach more people, raise more money and make a larger impact with everyone involved!

    How it Works

    Step 1

    Identify companies that want to make a difference or impact a cause.

    Step 2

    Leverage WWERA expense management strategies to generate positive cash flow for business wanting to give back.

    Step 3

    Once positive cash flow is realized, impact the cause identified with a donation or sponsorship.

    Step 4

    Identify company as cause partner or sponsor if desired.

    Cause Benefits Summary

    • Increase in total $$$ raised annually
    • Increase in # of donors/sponsors
    • Improve donor/sponsor retention annually
    • Help the local businesses/organizations that want to help you
    • Opportunity for donors/sponsors to give more
    • No selling unwanted products to family and friends
    • Considerably less time spent fundraising
    • Opportunity to raise funds throughout the entire calendar year
    • Eliminate the need for fundraising events
    • Long-term residual fundraising
    • Raise $$$ anywhere in the United States
    • It’s a true WIN-WIN for everyone involved
  • Some of our partners:

    Syndicate Coffee Team

    "We Roar as One"

    The Syndicate Coffee Team is committed to improving the health and well-being of people, animals, and the planet. We team with foundations that have an offensive game plan that work to combat issues such as domestic violence, childhood and adult diseases, homelessness, hunger, animal rescue, youth literacy and education, and environmental concerns.


    By connecting one, hundreds, thousands, millions of Team Players like you, The Syndicate Coffee Team is creating an online community with real power to make a POSITIVE difference in our communities worldwide. We do this by means of our freshly roasted organic specialty coffee. Through our on-line coffee subscriptions we give 100% of our profits back to the foundations and farmers that are teaming with us to make positive changes.


    We do have one major rule of engagement that we would like to ask you to join with us in promoting: BE KIND! Each month, when you receive your coffee, consider filling a Ziploc bag with some of it and sharing it with your neighbor, workmate or a stranger. Everyone we see each day is facing issues we know nothing about. Attire for today: KINDNESS!!!

    Guardian Athletics - Kato Collar

    Protection on the Field

    Our passion was ignited when we realized that the industry simply isn’t moving fast enough. We couldn’t wait for a revolution, so we decided to start our own. With outside pressure from medical professionals and parents, football will only survive if we make strides in protecting our players, which is exactly what we’re doing.


    One airbag won’t save your life in a car crash, just like a helmet alone won’t prevent an injury. Kato Collar is a part of a system that works towards optimal protection. Through gear, training, and innovative products, we build confidence in the game and start to prevent head and neck injuries.

    Smiles for Jake

    All Aboard for the Smile Express!

    Smiles for Jake is a suicide prevention movement that spreads positivity through life-affirming actions, listening ears, and the message that everyone should have hope. Born in and spreading from a community that experienced the suicide of a beloved son, our short-term goal is to reduce the suicide rate and our long-term vision is to stomp out suicide worldwide.

    SafeBeat Initiative

    "Screening Hearts, Saving Lives"

    "In our search to solidify local, regional and national sponsors for SafeBeat, we have acquired the support of World Wide Expense Reduction Advisors (WWERA) that has a phenomenal program to help the organizations we work with reduce costs while supporting our mission to provide affordable, high-quality preventative heart screenings for all active children in an effort to reduce sudden cardiac death in youth. To "Screen Hearts, Save Lives" and create a healthier generation."

    -Sheldon Hill, RDCS, Executive Director​


    SafeBeat is a 501c3 foundation with a mission to “Screen Hearts, Save Lives” and create a healthier generation! SafeBeat provides preventative heart screenings in schools and it is for all active children…not just the registered athlete. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the #1 killer among student athletes and children on school campuses of which most cases can be prevented! According to American Heart Association, there are approximately 7,000+ needless deaths every year between the ages of 6-25 due to sudden cardiac arrest! SafeBeat is the answer to help reduce these needless deaths!

    Lions Fitness United Roar Scholarship Program

    "We Roar as One"

    "I'm so excited to partner with WWERA and leverage their "Give Back Program" to help increase the amount of scholarships we can provide annually for our adaptive athletes. This is a partnership that provides positive benefits for everyone involved."

    -Andy Cameron, Founder


    Lions United is a new kind of training center, designed specifically to prepare people with disabilities for exceptional performance in individual competitions, team sports and life, especially people with autism, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. We’re dedicated to Special Olympics’ Project UNIFY and Unified Sports®, which means we bring people of all abilities together to strengthen individuals, relationships and communities.

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