• Give Back Program

    Earn $$$ making introductions to organizations wanting to reduce expenses and/or increase cash flow

    A unique Give Back Program developed to help organizations and partners easily offset future expenses and/or raise funds for Non-Profits/Events/Teams. Word of mouth is the best way to advertise and at WWERA we advertise through our happy clients and partners by rewarding them for introductions.


    How it works:


    Step 1 - Choose your preferred Give Back Program option

    A) Earn $$$ for your organization

    B) Raise $$$ for a Charity, Youth Group, Team or Event

    C) A & B


    Step 2 - Build your campaign


    Step 3 - Make introductions


    Step 4 - Earn $$$ for each qualified introduction and receive monthly payments to help offset future expenses


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    This is what Organizations can expect when leveraging the Give Back Program to raise $$$:

    • Increase in total $$$ raised annually
    • Increase in # of donors/sponsors
    • Improve donor/sponsor retention annually
    • Help the local businesses/organizations that want to help you
    • Opportunity for donors/sponsors to give more
    • No selling unwanted products to family and friends
    • Considerably less time spent fundraising
    • Opportunity to raise funds throughout the entire calendar year
    • Eliminate the need for fundraising events
    • Long-term residual fundraising
    • Raise $$$ anywhere in the United States
    • It’s a true WIN-WIN for everyone involved


    Top industries include: Manufacturers, Schools/Universities/Colleges, Cities/Counties, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Agricultural, Grocery Stores, Auto Dealerships, Apartments/Assisted Livings/Property Management, Retail, Vineyards, Stadiums/Arenas, Casinos, Non-Profits, Churches, and much more at WorldWideERA.com


    NOTE: Organizations that participate in our 2017 Pilot Program will receive additional $$$.


    Start making a difference for your organization and begin making introductions today!


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