• Give Back PRogram

    The WWERA "Give Back Program" is a win-win strategy helping to generate cash flow for businesses that want to make a difference in the community while also providing unlimited funding opportunities for organizations in need.


    Whether you're a business looking to donate or sponsor a cause or a cause looking for donations or sponsorship, the WWERA "Give Back Program" is here to help your organization find the funding.


    Think about this:


    As a BUSINESS, how rewarding would it be to impact more lives and make a bigger difference?


    As a NON-PROFIT, how many more people could you impact if we could help you raise unlimited dollars?


    Our program helps you reach more people, raise more money and make a larger impact with everyone involved!

    How it Works

    Step 1

    Identify companies that want to make a difference or impact a cause.

    Step 2

    Leverage WWERA expense management strategies to generate positive cash flow for business wanting to give back.

    Step 3

    Once positive cash flow is realized, impact the cause identified with a donation or sponsorship.

    Step 4

    Identify company as cause partner or sponsor if desired.

    Cause Benefits Summary

    • Increase in total $$$ raised annually
    • Increase in # of donors/sponsors
    • Improve donor/sponsor retention annually
    • Help the local businesses/organizations that want to help you
    • Opportunity for donors/sponsors to give more
    • No selling unwanted products to family and friends
    • Considerably less time spent fundraising
    • Opportunity to raise funds throughout the entire calendar year
    • Eliminate the need for fundraising events
    • Long-term residual fundraising
    • Raise $$$ anywhere in the United States
    • It’s a true WIN-WIN for everyone involved
  • Some of our partners:

    Lions Fitness United Roar Scholarship Program

    "I'm so excited to partner with WWERA and leverage their "Give Back Program" to help increase the amount of scholarships we can provide annually for our adaptive athletes. This is a partnership that provides positive benefits for everyone involved."

    -Andy Cameron, Founder


    Lions United is a new kind of training center, designed specifically to prepare people with disabilities for exceptional performance in individual competitions, team sports and life, especially people with autism, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. We’re dedicated to Special Olympics’ Project UNIFY and Unified Sports®, which means we bring people of all abilities together to strengthen individuals, relationships and communities.

  • If you would like to learn more or how to participate, please contact us below.

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