• Tax Benefits

    We have found our clients have been billed and/or paid out far too much in taxes or overcharges. We believe the recovery of these monies provides significant value to our clients bottom line. When working with us, there are no risks, limited staff time involvement, and we typically find significant tax savings for the organizations we come in contact with.


    Our tax benefits include:

    1. Tax Savings Wellness Program
    2. Life Savings Program
    3. Corporate Tax Benefits

  • 1. Tax Savings Wellness Program


    If we could show you a way to save $600 per employee per year on payroll taxes while providing $2,000 in additional employee benefits without reducing the employees take home pay, would you be open to learning more?



    Leverage a tax savings wellness program that congress passed in 2014 to help employers and employees manage health care costs.

    How it works

    Our trusted advisor is offering to your company significant, additional wellness plan benefits. This opportunity became possible through a new Federal program, which offers tax savings to all qualified employees by implementing a company-wide wellness plan. An effective participatory wellness program demonstrates increases individual levels of healthcare and lowers the overall employee healthcare expenses for hospital and illness care. In addition to this outstanding healthcare plan, each qualified employee will receive an average of over $2,000 in annual benefits with....


    No Reduction in Their Take-Home-Pay


    These additional employee benefits, which are based on underwriting pre-qualifications such as income, age, smoking behaviors, and marital status, will provide increased healthcare coverage. Also with this plan the company will receive an average tax savings of over $600 annually per/employee. The employee benefits would consist of:

    • Wellness Plan with an enriched healthcare program to save employees deductible medical expenses
    • American Amicable Life Insurance Policy with Cash Value, Death Benefit, and other applicable riders
    • Family Heritage Accident Policy, which pays a lump sum amount if you are hurt on or off the job
    • MDLIVE Teledoc Program, which will save employees hundreds of dollars in healthcare expenses by being able to call and talk with a doctor or healthcare professional anywhere in the country.

    This program is voluntary for your employees and is a self-funded ERISA/ACA/HIPAA qualified Indemnity Health Plan. These plans are extremely beneficial to both the employer and the employee.

  • 2. Life Savings Program


    Is it fair to say your employees would want to pay less in taxes if they could?



    Leverage a proprietary Life Savings program that helps individuals pay less in taxes while having a security blanket of living benefits at no additional cost.

      How it works

      We teach you how to protect you and your employees from a financial disaster while making your business and yourself more bankable.


      This unique policy addresses these 3 things:

      1. If you die too soon
      2. If you live too long
      3. If you become ill
      And leads too:
      1. Better retention of employees
      2. Reduces employer expenses
      3. No 401K costs
    1. 3. Corporate Tax Benefits


      Would you be open to a brief conversation with our corporate tax benefits expert about your tax environment that could potentially bring you value and additional tax savings?



      No matter how recent or how thorough your last audit was, there is a good chance that you're are leaving money on the table and our expansion into Federal Services can greatly impact your bottom line on your annual return.

      Cost Segregation

      Typically generate $25K- $75K for every $500K of building. This is additional cash flow for entities helping your organization accelerate their depreciation. The IRS preferred method is to engage a firm that has significant construction and structural engineering knowledge of your buildings and can identify the building components that go in to the appropriate tax life categories.

      Research Credits

      State and Federal

      Credits are gold. Many corporations are improving products or changing the way they do things and don’t even realize they might qualify for a credit.

      Property Tax

      Properly assessed real property is essential to paying the correct amount of property tax. Real property expertise and local jurisdictional experience delivers value to your organization.

      Meals and Entertainment

      Corporations often simplify and give their M&E a flat 50% haircut, leaving many dollars on the table. If your previous year’s schedule M-3 M&E line is $1 million or more, using an IRS-approved stat sample can nicely increase this line item.

      State Income Tax

      State laws, regulations and court cases provide opportunities for organizations to minimize tax burdens. A review of these opportunities and your organizational structure and filing requirements may provide financial benefits.

      Domestic Production Activities Deduction

      If you are engaged in domestic production activities (Internal Revenue Code §199), you may be entitled to an additional federal tax deduction amounting to 9% of your net income. Its determination can be simple or fairly complex depending on your business.

      Sales Tax Refunds

      Tax paid in error can be significant, especially in fast growing or large corporations where the A/P system is enormous and vendor errors are numerous.

      Utility Consumption Audits

      Especially useful when properly applied to corporations with manufacturing- or fuel-related operations.

      Tax Compliance

      If you are in an IRS or State audit, often times this can greatly affect your time and ultimately what you owe. There can be considerable tax savings in knowing how best to work through this process.

    2. Wouldn’t you agree it’s worth a few minutes of your time to see if there might be thousands of tax $aving$ waiting for you?


      What we need: Initial 20 minute in person meeting or phone call with our industry expert(s) to provide a high-level overview and to start the qualification process.

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