• October 2019 update

    NEWEST Solutions Available:


    Infinite R™ Phase Change Material (PCM) to Lower Energy Costs

    • Immediate reduction in electricity and gas usage/costs backed by an "Insurance Savings Guarantee"

    A Self-Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan with Wellness Emphasis! (SIMERP)™

    • Avg savings of $500 per employee per year helping to make healthcare more affordable
    30-Day Brain Boost Program to Improve Employee Performance, Health & Safety in the Workplace
    • Immediate improvements in employee, health and safety. 100% effective and measurable. 

  • Do You Have a Need to Lower Energy Costs?

  • InfiniteR™ Phase Change Material (PCM) to Lower Energy Costs

    How Infinite-R Works

    Monthly Utilization Example

  • Help reduce energy costs with InfiniteR™, the most advanced energy efficiency product on the market.


    Benefits include:

    • InfiniteR™ projects that qualify can see upwards of a 10-20% reduction in monthly electricity and gas expenses
    • PCM is a natural, non-toxic, and easily-installed building material that stabilizes a building’s temperature fluctuation
    • PCM stores energy when you don’t need it and releases it when you do
    • Lower your buildings peak temperature by as much as 20 degrees
    • NO RISK – Backed by state-regulated product guarantee insurance
    • Immediate guaranteed, quantifiable savings tracked monthly with our Smart Meter
    • Month-to-month subscription-based model
    • Install quickly in a variety of places: Over ceiling tiles, under roof decks, in wind-ventilated roofing, within walls, power generation and under attic insulation.
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  • Do You Have a Need to Make Healthcare More Affordable?

    A Self-Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (SIMERP)™

    Employer Benefits:

    • Immediate financial impact to the bottom line
    • $500 average payroll savings, per participating employee per year
    • Increase employee retention, loyalty and productivity
    • Reduce claim costs by an average of $1,400 over a three year period
    • Operational, and fully automated within 30-45 days

    Employee Benefits:

    • Robust Personal Health Dashboard identifies opportunities for a healthier lifestyle
    • 24/7 Telehelth™ doctors, nurses, and health coaches, copay-free
    • Mayo Clinic wellness programs
    • Addiction recovery and counseling, copay-free
    • Supplemental insurance benefits such as Life, Hospital Indemnity, Accident, Critical Illness and AD&D
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    Is Employee Performance, Health and Safety a Priority?

    30-Day Brain Boost Program

    The recommended solutions are scientifically proven to measure and improve brain performance helping transform how people live, work and play.


    eSmartr is a proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology(CBT) designed to optimize neural communications allowing users to naturally experience their passions more fully with focus, clarity and calmness. The combination of these signals help streamline the cognitive networks, resulting in scientifically-proven amplified cognitive abilities. Just ask Dr. Robert W. Thatcher, Ph. D. whose clinical white paper can be found here!


    Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT) is the ONLY known wearable neuro technology in the world proven to enhance brain function by an average of 30-40% providing instant brain power to users. Voxx HPT can help users with enhanced brain function, reduced pain, increased strength/endurance, increased balance/stability, faster reaction times, improved energy/sleep along with better memory recall and better decision making abilities while they are working, competing or playing. Click here to view Dr. Robert W. Thatcher's clinical white paper to learn more. Voxx HPT users are 8X less likely to fall.


    Users that wear Cognitive Boost Technology and Voxx Human Performance Technology have experienced improvements in their "Brain Performance Profile" and overall performance.


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