• July 2020 update

    NEWEST Solutions Available:

    Safe Surface Pro - High Grade Disinfectant

    • Our Germicidal Cleaner is the ultimate weapon for these changing times. CLICK HERE to learn more.

    Same Day Employee Pay Funded by Mastercard

    • Instant Access to Wages for Employees. CLICK HERE to learn more.

    PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED Phase Change Material (PCM) to Lower Energy Costs

    • Immediate reduction in electricity and gas usage/costs backed by an "Insurance Savings Guarantee". CLICK HERE to learn more.

      Economic Recovery Plan - ZERO Cost Employee Emergency Fund

      • Avg savings of $500 per employee per year helping to make healthcare more affordable. CLICK HERE to learn more.

        Taxes - Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

        • Deliver a higher volume of WOTC tax credits, while dramatically reducing your WOTC expense.
        Pack-A-Drum Waste & Recycling System
        • Cut your waste hauling bills by 40-60% GUARANTEED!

      • Are You Interested in Reducing Your Tax Liability?

        Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

        If your company is currently processing WOTC:

        • Our unique and revolutionary business model delivers a significantly higher volume of WOTC tax credits, while dramatically reducing your WOTC expense.
        • Most importantly, we are the only WOTC processing firm with GUARANTEED SAVINGS, absolute minimum of 10% savings on your current WOTC processing expense.  To ensure you save money, we are willing to CAP your annual processing expense, not to exceed 85% of the previous 2-year average.
        • Our proprietary technology is simple and easy to use.

        • Custom integration for small and large business applications.
        Contact us below to learn more!
      • Do You Have PROFITS Hidden in Your Trash?

        Pack-A-Drum Waste and Recycling System

        Our system provides any type of restaurant with the following benefits:


        • Cut waste hauling bills by 40-60%
        • FREE SYSTEM - Overall program is paid directly out of savings produced
        • NO CAPITAL budgeting required
        • Cleaner back of the house
        • Cleaner dumpster area with NO Birds, Bees, Bug’ or Bums
        • Less back door openings and less internal theft via the trash & recycling runs
        • Less slips, falls and lifting injuries help reduce workers comp long-term
        • Reduction in future costs as we cut waste costs by 50%
        • Increase overall backdoor security when trash runs are controlled vs. being forced to volume & mess


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